Apollo Interiors: Offering Aesthetically Pleasing Fully Scalable Medical Refurbishment Solution

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Apollo Interiors provide high-quality and aesthetically tasteful interiors for medical sector. For years, the company is known for developing well-crafted dental interiors based on harmonious principles synchronized with the tailor-made environment that both dentists and patients adore. The management at Apollo realizes how stressful it is for patients to walk in a dentist’s office therefore carefully crafted environment created by industry experts ensures a tranquil environment where patients can relax before dental surgeries.

The company has initiated hundreds of projects in collaboration with dentists, medical suppliers and National Health Services. At Apollo, every project is finished to very high standards, and it can include almost every aspect of refurbishment. A team of highly experienced professionals undertake construction of empty shells from installing new electrical appliances to creating partitions and remodeling suspended ceilings. Every phase of flooring and decoration is undertaken in conjunction with recommendations of architects who are well-known for their skills in the medical refurbishment market.

Customer Friendly Designs

Unlike most established interior designing companies, Apollo works on all kinds of projects ensuring that it exceeds time and budget constraints of clients. Planners at Apollo are eager to create unique solutions for their client. It is precisely why the company is able to offer a fresh perspective on almost every new project exceeding expectations. A distinguishing feature of Apollo Interiors is providing uncompromising trust by taking full responsibility of project creation and making sure that pricing and terms are transparent. In addition, each medical refurbishment project is environmental friendly in-line with current sustainability practices.

Scalable Solutions

As a fully functional design company, Apollo Interiors has a dedicated on-site team consisting of decorators, planners, electricians and plumbers. Using up-to-date advanced visual design technology, the design team is able to create samples reflecting the original design. These samples include the final layout, accurate construction design layouts, mechanical layout, electric circuitry, ceiling layouts and general arrangement patterns. The design specification ensures that customers are aware of the final output even before committing their time and financials in the project. Everything from start to finish is fully certified in accordance with local rules. To ensure a successful project, clients are also offered value-added services such as valuation advisory, payment plans, estimates and building control approvals etc. Few companies are able to offer fully scalable aesthetically pleasing interiors as Apollo. In fact, a truly care-free solution awaits clients in need of remodeling their offices.

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