Applying for Social Security Benefits

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Qualifying for social security is a difficult process that often takes a huge amount of time and effort. In order to qualify for social security, you basically have to qualify for certain standards, but it can get very tricky, as each and every case may be a lot different than other cases. In order to get on disability, you get the opportunity to prove your case to the court, which is that you no longer can do the work that you have done in the past.

This means that the court is not going to look at you and say that because you have an injury and can no longer do physical labor that you have the ability to work in an office. This would not be applicable, that is, if you have never worked in an office in the past and done that type of work. However, even if you did have a job in an office in the past, they might not bring it into the case and you still may be able to win your case. It gets very complicated, but if you have documented proof that you are disabled and have an attorney that is backing you, you likely will be able to prove that you are disabled and get on social security. The best way to prove you are disabled is by utilizing the services of a great law office, such as Myler Disability, that may be able to represent you in this type of case.

There is a pretty long process that comes with obtaining social security, and if you really want to get on it, you are going to have to be prepared to get denied. The application process is designed to weed people out that are not truly disabled, or at least have other options. It is for this reason that they deny almost everyone that sends in their papers. Unless you have a huge malady that is causing a significant disability that is present to the eye and extreme, chances are that you are going to get denied on your initial application, which usually happens after several months of sending in your papers.

After your initial denial, you will work to gather information from doctors that you have seen in the past, be it a primary doctor, a psychiatrist, or any other type of doctor that may add information to the case that proves you are disabled. The case eventually has to go before a judge in most cases, where it will be you and your attorney in a room with the judge, and you will have the floor to explain your case, which is where most people finally get accepted for social security disability.

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