Getting Rid of Your Addiction

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You Can Do It!
When a person mentions addiction, the first thought is drugs and the next is alcohol. The fact is: there are many types of addictions. Some other types of addictions other than drugs and alcohol are:

  • work
  • sex
  • foods
  • the internet
  • video games
  • television
  • cigarettes(which is a drug)

You can overcome your addiction or addictions. Your first step in doing so is admitting you are addicted. If you don’t know or think you have an addiction, no matter what others tell you, you will never feel the need or desire to change it.

If you really want to know if you are addicted to something, there is really a simple way to find out. Just “fast” from that item for a period of time. If you cannot go 24 hours without a hit of the pot pipe, a snort up the nose, a rum and coke, doing work at home, seeing porn or masturbating, chocolate cake, checking email, that new fantasy video game, your favorite TV show, or another cigarette, you are addicted. You need help, but help won’t help unless you admit you are addicted.

Do you lie to cover up something? You are probably addicted.

Is your doing something harming yourself or others? You are probably addicted.

Now you have recognized you have an addiction….good. The next step is to totally admit you are powerless over it and to seek the help you need. Some of the best help in the world can be those who have had the same or similar addictions. By being around these kind of people, they can hold you accountable. You will not be able to lie to a person that has already been where you are. Well, you can lie, but they will know you are lying.

Now you must turn all of the addiction, and your life over to a Higher Power. Many call that Higher Power God, but that Higher Power can be your choice; you just need to turn it all over to that Supreme Power.

You are now well on the way to getting rid of your addiction. You need to make an inventory of yourself, and admit to your Higher Power, to yourself, and to another human all of our wrongs.

It is now when you ask your Higher Power to remove all the bad from us including the addiction. No help others you harmed by your addiction and keep doing this process over and over. By doing so, you will not want you addiction.

Yes, You CAN Do It!

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