Importance of Maintaining Our Body’s Overall Health

Posted on 31. Oct, 2013 by in health

In order to maintain your health you will want to focus on the three main areas which are physical, mental, and emotional. In order to maintain good physical health some activities include but are in no way limited to: regular hand washing, vaccines, eating healthy, and getting regular exercise. I know that eating right and making sure to get regular and consistent exercise is key to helping your physical body thrive at its peak. Your physical body is the conduit for your mental and emotional health so you want to make sure it is always well taken care of. Whenever something doesn’t seem right, to be on the safe side you probably should take precaution and go get checked out. Regardless of how healthy you may be, getting regular health screenings is a good idea to make sure you stay on top of your health and any potential problems that may arise. They are a vital piece of preventative health care.

That being said, you need to know what screenings to have done and when it is important to have them done because early detection is the key to overcoming many serious health conditions. Health screenings are important because they can look for diseases before you even develop symptoms. By catching something early through the use of screenings, doctors can more than likely prevent the issue from getting worse and solve the health concern in the very beginning. Bottom line, start early and get health screens often to avoid potential medical problems! Keep in line that doctor’s offices and clinics you visit on a regular basis or even just every once in awhile are bound by HIPAA. So you can rest assured that your health record and information will be kept to strict and confidential standards.

A lot of facilities use HIPAA compliance software. Now that we’ve discussed the importance of maintaining your physical health, let’s explore ways to maintain your mental and emotional health since they go hand in hand. Ways you can do this include building confidence in yourself. Take time to identify your strengths and weaknesses and make a plan to make your weaknesses become your strengths. If you struggle with patience perhaps place yourself in situations that require patience so that you can practice learning good skills. Also make sure you are utilizing your strengths so you can feel a sense of accomplishment with doing something you are good at.

Another great tip is to accept compliments. I know I for one have difficulty doing that, but it is important to learn to accept compliments because we all need some love. In order to feel good about yourself you need to love yourself and accept compliments and believe that you have good qualities. A third and vitally important tip to maintain good mental and emotional health is to learn to manage stress. Understand how stress affects you and learn ways to cope with it such as exercising or listening to calming music. Each person is different so find the ways that work best for you for maintaining your body’s overall health and wellness. Visit for info on HIPAA security risk analysis.


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