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Since it was founded in 1995, Parmele Law Firm has assisted thousands of people with disability cases get the Social Security disability benefits owed to them in order to continue living their lives to the fullest. The law firm is committed to helping individuals and families residing in the states of Missouri, Kansas and Illinois obtain social security disability benefits. This factor is evident in the number of law offices the firm operates in this vast area.

It is important to note that Social Security disability is not in an entitlement program; instead it is an insurance benefits scheme that workers pay for over the years so as to gain coverage. Under the social security disability laws, workers earn coverage for the benefits they deserve through working and remitting social security taxes on their incomes. Having been a previous client, I would like to point out that there are many benefits of choosing Parmele Law firm Social security lawyer to represent or assist with your social security disability case. The benefits include:

• Experience of senior lawyer Danielle Parmele (Juris Doctor) has previously worked as a Senior Staff Attorney with the Social Security Administration (SSA).
• No attorney fees or expenses is paid until a case is won
• The firm provides aggressive legal representation at all the stages of the disability structure, including appeals
• The law firm has provided representation to 50,000 plus people
• Parmele has a high success rate in qualified claims

The long and complex nature of social security disability law and cases often requires proper legal representation. Disability cases must be approved via medical evidence. This evidence must be backed by extensive medical treatment, use of medications as well as evidence of hospitalizations, multiple surgeries and several pain injections. Lastly, the arduous process of proving one’s inability to work should be well-documented before it is filed with the SSA for approval. Individuals who have brought their cases at Parmele have seen their cases given the attention it deserves.

The firm’s social security disability lawyers offer clients free consultations, in addition to answering all client questions. The law firm also has a resourceful online information database that covers medical treatment providers, disability benefits, Medline Plus disabilities and the social security application process and other critical information. The strength of the Parmele Law Firm lies in its dedicated team of staff who are specialist in handling social security cases. The team incorporates top of the bench, attorneys, paralegals and administrative staff.

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